July 2020

Also been contacted today by 'Music in Portsmouth' - who report their website performance for the last 4 months from 1st March - to say that one of the biggest responses they got by number of 'Visits/Hits' and 'Time spent on viewing' during the period was their interview with myself !!.



1st of July - and I'm back in a recording studio tomorrow for the 1st time since Lockdown, for a privately commissioned project. (It isn't my decision if the work is published or not).
Academic term time finished last Friday - but a lot of parents have expressed the wish for their children to continue with on-line 1-2-1 lessons!
So after Lockdown being relaxed - signs that things can begin to get to a new normal. 


Just been notified by YouTube of a latest comment on one of my videos - from apparently another teacher 
"The best version I ever heard. Congratz "
Debussy's "Girl with the Flaxen Hair"


June 2020

Petyersfield Orchestra

Petersfield Orchestra

Petersfield Orchestra's weekly On-Line Video Chat - between Piers Burton-Page and Robin Browning (Conductor).
Piers and Robin welcome special guest, pianist Valentina Seferinova - Concert Pianist, to talk about concertos, soloists, accompanying and more.
Anybody can join in with questions, comments, requests, or whatever - so long as its appropriate !!

7:30pm Friday 5th June - Petersfield Orchestra Facebook page


May 2020

Just published ; an on-line interview I took part in; conducted by Simon O'Hea of 'Music in Portsmouth' whose website is the area's leading source of the latest classical music listings in and around Portsmouth, Fareham, Petersfield, Chichester, Havant & Hayling Island.

Well worth bookmarking and signing up for their Newsletter!.

Also worth doing is signing up to their Twitter feed.
The article is interspersed with YouTube video links from my personal archive - some not seen before!
I hope you enjoy.



The consequences of CoronaVirus lockdown continue - and probably for the immediate foreseeable future!

Since Easter quite a few more parents have signed up for on-line 1-2-1 sessions for their children ; it's now well over 30!!
During the week we changed our internet provider and upgraded our broadband connection to cope!
Apologies for any hiccups whilst we tweak and fine-tune it as it settles down ; please bear with me. .


April 2020

Although suspected for some time since the greater outbreak of coronavirus - have just had it confirmed that my scheduled visit to be in a recording studio in France in late May/early June - with others, has now, unsurprisingly, been officially postponed by the sponsor until a later date ; possibly 'sometime in the autumn'. 


With all teaching establishments closed until further notice - probably for all of the summer term!

With my husband's help - have turned my music room into an on-line teaching facility - with more than 30 of my students from various colleges and university wanting to participate in one-to-one sessions.

But - oh - the days are long !!!


March 2020

Rehearsing with Noah Chiari (Alto Sax) for last night's Hampshire Music Service show case concert in Winchfield.

Some comments were - that 'we stole the show'!!

Hampshire Music Service

Hampshire Music Service


Saturday 7th March - 7:30pm - St. Thomas' Anglican Cathedral, Old Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO1 2HA

I will be a member of the Solent Symphony Orchestra on the piano for the soloists participation.


Beethoven - Overture Leonora No 3

Canteloube - Songs from the Auvergne - Soloist: Lucy Cronin (soprano)

Brahms - Symphony No 3


Tickets: £15, £5 (students), Kids for a Quid and group concessions

On the door, online from Ticketsource or from 01730 601074


February 2020
It's a sad farewell to a long term friendship of over 25+ years - as my much loved upright Blüthner, which we shipped all the way from Sofia on the back of a TIR/HGV on settling in the UK, goes on the back of a van - on its way to a new home.
To be replaced next Tuesday by an almost new Irmler Studio Grand F172 - again by Blüthner - to join and match my existing Blüthner Grand.
Sad - but Happy Days !!

For the astute observers amongst you (ha ha ! ), you may have noticed from my website that I've just added Saint-Saëns' "Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22" - probably his most popular piano concerto, to my Concertante repertoire.
Have taught this in the past - but never played it with an orchestra in public before.
Why have I just added it to my list?
""Can't say at the moment" - she said mysteriously !!??" 
But in the meantime here is maestro Arthur Rubenstein with the London Symphony Orchestra being conducted by Andre Previn.


Plans for the year beginning to take on more shape.

High degree of probability that I'll be back in France - again in a recording studio; in the late May/early June timeframe.

CD number 15 is on the cards - subject to agreements.


January 2020

Monday 27th January - Awards ceremony at Kings Theatre, Southsea.

..... and the Best Classical act award tonight went to Portsmouth Baroque Choir - well done, worthy winners ❤🎶👍
As my husband Mike observed - going up against orchestras and choirs - each with perhaps 50 or 60 members (and family and friends who would vote for them) was always, as a soloist, going to be a tough one !


Sunday 26th January.

Just accompanied my student George, performing beautifully Rachmaninoff 2nd piano concerto, 3rd movement for the Winchester Symphony Orchestra Young Soloist Competition 2020.
Wonderful playing and superb feedback, very proud teacher 🙂🎶🎹❤
Keep fingers crossed he gets to the Finals in July!


Recently received, for the 2nd year in succession, an invite to attend and appear at this years 'World Piano Conference', organised by the 'World Piano Teachers Association' at the end of June and beginning of July.!
Regrettably have had to turn the opportunity down (again!) because of existing pre-agreed commitments on 4th and 9th of July.
Otherwise it sounded interesting and 'cool' !!


10th January 2020 - Today at Southampton University - the Turner Sims Concert Hall (seating 600+) was my teaching room. A Fazioli Grand Piano (The 'Rolls Royce', the 'Creme de la Creme' of instruments) was my instrument for teaching on and practicing myself !! Here's one of my students. It just does not get much better !



10th January : Tonight is a notable full moon - the 'Wolf Moon' also with a penumbral eclipse.
Today I received this comment on one of my YouTube videos :- "So beautifully played! One of the most gorgeous renditions of Claire de lune I have ever heard. Bravo Valentina!"
So - to celebrate here is Claude Debussy's famous 'Clare de Lune' from his bigger work 'Suite Bergamesque'. I hope you enjoy. 



< B R E A K I N G - N E W S >
I've just discovered that I've been included, (in alphabetic order and the only individual) in the short list of top 6 nominees in the 'Best Classical' section of the Portsmouth News 'Guide Awards' for 2019. ! 
I quote ''Now the top six in each category, from music, to theatre, art and film will go forward to our Guide Awards Night, a glittering gala ceremony at the Kings Theatre in Albert Road, Southsea, on Monday, January 27, from 7pm, where we will be announcing the winners.''
I take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank all those who cast their vote in my favour.  

Details HERE.


December 2019

I wish everybody a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous 2020.

Here's to good music in the coming year!!! :)




Have been receiving lots of feedback from my latest Newsletter.
Just received this :- 
"It is my pleasure to vote for you Valentina, your inspired performance has brought much pleasure to me and many others. And through your collaboration I've been introduced to the wonderful Solent Symphony Orchestra. ......."


B R E A K I N G - N E W S!!

The Portsmouth News 'The Guide' has announced their annual nominations for various categories of the local Arts and Entertainment scene.
In the 'Best Classical' section I am lucky enough to have been nominated (again!!)
The citation reads :- "Valentina Seferinova: The pianist's performance of Ravel’s piano concerto with the Solent Symphony Orchestra and her control of the tranquil and serene solo brought about an atmosphere of celestial beauty."
If you scroll down the Newspaper's website page you will see the nominations - but before the lists is the link to where you can vote.
I would like to think that I could count on your vote - please. 

The article is here = Portsmouth News.

You can vote Here


I know it's still a while yet 'til Christmas - but a date for your diary ?
In aid of a worthy Charity. Tickets start from £20.
One of my students will be performing ! 

And I also will be accompanying a saxophonist !

Breast Cancer Charity Event
November 2019
Just been notified of a very favourable French website review of my CD No. 12 - recorded in Warsaw in June of last year.
The full website is http://www.leducation-musicale.com/newsletters/breves0919.html#cd1

Scroll down until you see 'Ludomir Róźycki - Piano Works 2' CD image.

I've translated each paragraph as follows (and am very happy with the final sentence !! :) :) )

Voici une nouvelle réalisation en première mondiale à l’actif du Label polonais ACTE PRÉALABLE et de son dynamique directeur Jan A. Jarnicki. C’est au tour du compositeur Ludomir ROZYCKI, né à Varsovie en 1883 et mort à Katowice en 1953, membre — comme, par exemple, Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937) — du mouvement artistique « Jeune Pologne » promouvant également l’art national, bien que manifestement influencé par l’impressionnisme français. Si son talent a joué à plein dans le domaine du poème symphonique, le volume 2 continue à exhumer son vaste corpus pianistique.

This is a new world premiere by the Polish label ACTE PRÉALABLE and its dynamic director Jan A. Jarnicki. It is the turn of the composer Ludomir ROZYCKI, born in Warsaw in 1883 and died in Katowice in 1953, member - as, for example, Karol Szymanowski (1882-1937) - of the artistic movement "Young Poland" also promoting the national art , although obviously influenced by French Impressionism. While his talent has played a full role in the field of the symphonic poem, Volume 2 continues to exhume his vast body of piano.

Parmi ses premières tentatives de composition, figurent ses 5 Préludes (op. 2) ainsi que ses 2 Préludes et 2 Nocturnes (op. 3), publiés à Varsovie, miniatures à finalité pédagogique d’une belle facture mélodique. Le Prélude n°2 est axé sur la technique contrapuntique alors que le Nocturne n°3 est plus lyrique, le n°4 Andante doloroso se veut plus tendu. Le CD s’ouvre sur la pièce de la maturité, toute frémissante, intitulée Laguna (op. 36, datant de 1915), imitant les vagues, à laquelle succèdent les 9 Esquisses (op. 39) à finalité pédagogique en 2 Cahiers, pièces intimes aux titres français où la retenue est de mise. Sa Fantaisie (op. 11), de structure plus libre, se déploie sur l’ensemble du clavier et dans toutes les nuances expressives. Quant à la Tance polskie (Danse polonaise, op. 37), elle honore la tradition nationale, avec des réminiscences proches de Chopin. Les Contes d’une horloge (op. 26) égrènent les notes avec suavité.

Among his first attempts at composition, are his 5 Préludes (Op 2) and 2 Préludes and 2 Nocturnes (Op 3), published in Warsaw, miniatures with pedagogical purpose of a beautiful melodic invoice. Prelude # 2 is focused on the contrapuntal technique whereas the Nocturne # 3 is more lyrical, the # 4 Andante doloroso is more tense. The CD opens on the piece of maturity, all quivering, entitled Laguna (36, 1915), imitating the waves, followed by the 9 Sketches (op.39) for pedagogical purpose in 2 Cahiers, plays intimate French titles where restraint is required. His Fantasia (op.11), of freer structure, unfolds over the entire keyboard and in all the expressive nuances. As for Tance polskie (Polish Dance, Op 37), it honors the national tradition, with reminiscences close to Chopin. Tales of a Clock (26) gracefully scribble the notes.

Le CD s’achève sur Italia (op. 50), vaste fresque en 4 mouvements avec deux thèmes religieux : Ave Maria et Campo santo (cimetière, très grave), une Barcarole et, en conclusion, évoque la décapitation de la parricide Beatrice Cenci en 1599. Valentina Seferinova (piano) s’investit pleinement dans les différentes atmosphères qu’elle recrée à merveille grâce à son rare sens du coloris.
Édith Weber

The CD ends with Italia (Op 50), a large fresco in 4 movements with two religious themes: Ave Maria and Campo santo (graveyard, very serious), a Barcarole and, finally, evokes the beheading of parricide Beatrice Cenci in 1599. Valentina Seferinova (piano) is fully involved in the different atmospheres that she recreates perfectly thanks to her rare sense of colour.
Edith Weber


It can be quite surprising sometimes how unexpectedly one's personal life and professional life can become entwined! Particularly when ones reputation goes before!
Today as part of a visit to the north-east of the country to visit my son, a student at Newcastle University - where I have performed professionally some time ago, and having been recognised - I have been approached to professionally assist in a Master Class event taking place this afternoon !!
Happy to oblige whilst my son is undertaking some project work that is currently engaging him for the afternoon !!

More News of possible performance engagement to follow.


I know it's still a while yet 'til Christmas - but a date for your diary ?
In aid of a worthy Charity. Tickets start from £20.
One of my students will be performing ! 

Breast Cancer Charity Event


October 2019

O M G !! ........... I've just seen this !!
Here's an extract :-

"The orchestra then provided the perfect accompaniment for Valentina Seferinova’s sensational performance of Ravel’s “Piano Concerto in G Major”. Her interpretation was in equal measures dramatic, energetic, serene and inspirational.

The opening iconic whip crack heralded an outstanding performance. The first movement fizzed along with stand out solos from the piccolo, trumpet, horn, harp, and a triumphant bassoon section but the breathtaking piano cadenza was the highlight. Many in the audience couldn’t help themselves in acknowledging the excitement of this movement with a spontaneous round of applause as it came to a ferocious full stop.

The sublime opening of the slow movement perfectly reflected the ethereal setting and Ms. Seferinova’s control of the tranquil and serene piano solo brought about an atmosphere of celestial beauty. The peace and calm were symbiotically supported by the sensitivity of the solo flute entry and the haunting cor anglais melody. With the exquisite final pianissimo piano trill, Valentina brought this movement to a poignant and emotionally-charged close.

The last movement once more gives the full orchestra the chance to shine and the atmospheric, jazz-like episodes, shared between piano and ensemble, promote the enjoyment for which this piece is so well known. Valentina’s perfectly presented virtuosic passages brought the first half to a vibrant and celebratory culmination."

Read the full review here :- Music in Portsmouth


Last Saturday (28th Sept.) night's performance of Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major - very well received ! In fact the whole evening was.
Some of the comments and messages I've received - still being received this afternoon ; some from fellow musicians :-
"Amazing concert tonight xx."
" ... congratulations to the nights' spectacular soloist Valentina Seferinova. Dad and I sat in awe of your playing ..."
"Valentina Seferinova was amazing."
"I still want to know how Valentina can keep all of these works and piano concertos in her head from memory. Mind blown xx."
"wonderful playing last night by Valentina Seferinova 👏😁"
" ... xxxxxx and I and my husband are all stunned by your playing. "
" .. big congratulations to your last night’s wonderful and successful performance ! ! 💐💐💐"
" Huge congratulation for ur Ravel concerto!!!!!!! I enjoyed it very much."
"Brilliant playing, a fabulous concert."
"........, Valentina, you were fantastic!!! 😅"
"What a fantastic concert, Valentina you bring Ravel to life!"
".... fabulous performance from you and the SSO orchestra, it was a hurricane of joyful rhapsody, amazing !"
But it was not just me - the whole Solent Symphony Orchestra was simply superb - not just in the Ravel ; the Berlioz was wonderful; the Mussorgski-Ravel stunning !


September 2019

Just noticed this FaceBook post by somone who attended the Gala Concert I participated in last night !!

Gala Concert Comment


Just received this publicity ...

SSO - The French Connection


Having lost some close family and friends to Cancer I feel it's my duty to support a concert in aid of Rowan's Hospice Silver Jubilee Appeal. In addition to being asked to accompany Rachel Newberry in a Premier Performance of composer James Smith's new piece for Flute and Piano entitled 'Papilio' at St. Peter's Church, Petersfield on Saturday evening 14th September, I will be performing a solo piano piece of my own choice.

I've chosen Pancho Vladigueroff's 'песен/Pesen (Song/Chant) op. 21 No 2' - a rare outing for this greatly loved piece ! :)

There's a YouTube video of the time I played this as an encore to an Orchestral audience in 2015.


If you would like to donate to Rowans Silver Jubilee Appeal please click this link. Thankyou in adavnce :)


August 2019

GCSE Results Day !!
Results and reactions flooding in ! 
Have already been messaged by the mother ("We are incandescently proud ...") of one of my teenage students : her daughter has achieved her Music GCSE - 2 YEARS IN ADVANCE !!
Soooo happy for her 


Returned from holiday to find this phone message from one of my junior students who'd just learned she'd achieved a Distinction in her Grade 6 results !  
Pleased for her beyond words. 



July 2019

Sneak preview of 2nd Movement (Adagio Assai - very slow) of last Saturday evening's Ravel 'Piano Concerto in G Major' with the Brunel Sinfonia. 



Sold Out

The only tickets are likely to be returns or 'no-shows' : maybe worth trying on the door on the night ! Or contact them to be put on the reserve list for any returns. Boxoffice@luminosamusic.com


Brunel Sinfonia tweet :-
"We're excited to be playing Ravel's piano concerto in G major with the amazing Valentina Seferinova. Concert on Sat 6th July 7:30pm at Redland Hall @RedmaidsHigh. Get your tickets now from @Opus13Music 
#Ravel #summer #piano #pimms"

0 replies . 5 retweets 6 likes

Image may contain: Valentina Seferinova, smiling, indoor


June 2019

Full orchestral program just announced for Solent Symphony Orchestra's Saturday 28th September concert - where I'll be soloist for Ravel's 'Piano Concerto in G major' at St. Thomas' Cathedral, Old Portsmouth.
Berlioz - Overture ‘Le Corsaire’
Ravel - Piano Concerto in G major
Mussorgsky/Ravel - Pictures at an Exhibition.


Just received publicity info. for my Saturday 13th July evening at St. Peter's Church, Petersfield ....

For more info see my website 'Engagements' page.


Just caught up with this Tweet doing the rounds ....


Honoured to be involved.
I announce my participation in Portsmouth's continuing D-Day 75 commemorations on Thursday Evening 20th June.
'Dona Nobis Pacem' ('Grant Us Peace').
I, together with my student George, will take the piano part in a repeat of last autumn's stunning SSO performance of Saint-Saëns 'Organ Symphony'


Am very happy to mention and promote 2 performance dates involving Jessica Gale, one of my former South Downs College students - who went on to graduate from Surrey University ; and also achieved her 'LRSM' !
I hope you're able to get to one of them :)

Jessica Gale


May 2019

Not yet received any notifications of any 'formal' reviews - but received this unsolicited message from a colleague who had an early copy of my recently released CD number 12:-
"Dear Valentina,
I just have to write and thank you for a lovely CD. I am compelled to write as your performance is so movingly and warmly executed that I had to stop what I was doing to listen to these miniatures. You are so gifted, Valentina, and I am so humbled to have you as a colleague and a friend.
Me ? Speechless and overcome !

Ludomir Rozycki


I feel so privileged, honoured and humbled...

This is what I unexpectedly received in the post a few days ago: 

A copy of Rachmaninoff's - Paganini Rhapsody signed by Stephen Hough himself !!

Such an amazing pianist, musician but most importantly - great Person!

Absolutely speechless, but very happy & thankful!!!

Stephen Hough CBE = British-born classical pianist, composer and writer = Musical Royalty !

More about Stephen Hough here and here.

Here are variations 16, 17, and 18 played Two Pianos/4 Hands - https://youtu.be/iopksG1h6jM

and the hauntingly beautiful and famous Variation 18 only - https://youtu.be/vc-RZ2YuLFQ


Stephen Hough Best Wishes
April 2019

It had been a long tiring intensive recording session (in Paris) to capture Corentin Boissier's "Sonata Appassionata".
After the 'official takes' were finished - Mike asked me for a complete run through - just for the video camera.
Sometimes Mike messes up !! - here's "Out Take #1" !!   


My latest CD is out!!
It was a bit of a wait, as I recorded it last June in Warsaw, but soo sooo worth waiting for!!! Very pleased and happy with my CD No 12 (Mike reminded me earlier) 
Big Thank You goes to everyone involved and supporting this fantastic project.

Ludomir Rozycki


March 2019

Music Exam and Grade results coming in thick and fast at the moment !

It's a fantastically well done to my student Kendra on achieving a maximum 30 out of 30 for the Performance element of her GCSE Music exam. Brilliant !


Proud teacher and Diploma student George, after last night's concert with the Solent Symphony Orchestra in Portsmouth and their "Sketches of Spain" program !


Some snippets of my recording Corentin Boissier's 'Glamour Concerto' with the Ukrainian Festival Orchestra, Conductor & Grammy Award winner John McLaughlin Williams, in Lviv, Ukraine at the end of February/beginning of March.

Not all 'takes' are successful ! ...

... but fortunately many are !! :) :)



Whilst I was away in the Ukraine, Edward Chyczewski reminded me that 1st of March was the anniversary of the birth of Frederick Chopin (209 years ago) So here to commemorate is a public performance I gave in 2012 of one of his most famous pieces - Fantaisie in F minor op 49.


February 2019

This afternoon (20th February), my student, Jimmy Alderson, achieved Honours (92 !) in taking The Recital Class of Portsmouth Music Festival.
He was also awarded The Clifford Benson Piano Prize for outstanding musicianship and communication.
Well done, Jimmy! Sooooooo proud of you!

Jimmy Alderson


Congratulations to my piano student Liam on achieving his ATCL Diploma!
He is now officially an Associate of Trinity College, London !
Well done Liam !


I am the Piano lecturer/music performance teacher/instructor at Havant & South Downs College's award winning Music Department.
2 weeks ago I took part in a 'Show Case' Open Evening event for current and prospective students and their parents/carers in our unmatched purpose built Recital Hall facility.
Here's the link 
Havant & South Downs College Music Department


January 2019
Just come across these French Newspaper cuttings of 20 years ago about myself and colleague Prof. Emilia Mihaylova - now sadly departed.
And our appearance & performance at Claude Debussy House & Museum, St. Germain-en-Laye, Paris, in 1999 on the anniversary of his birth - a rare honour to be invited for this annual anniversary concert. 
Will be making a professional re-visit to Paris - probably in April this year.
Yup - that's me bottom left in the first one ; and to the right in the second !!

Spent the afternoon in a 3-way Skype rehearsal with myself here in Hampshire, the French composer Corentin Boissier (on the right of the lap-top screen) in Paris, and the Grammy Award winning conductor John McLaughlin Williams (on the left) in the USA. !!
We're scheduled to meet in person in 7 weeks time in The Ukraine - but spent the time agreeing certain details of performing the 2 concertos before recording them for the very first time with Orchestra.

Heidi the dog took it all in her stride !!



It's going to be a very busy year - but am very much looking forward to it !!


December 2018

As we approach the last few days and hours of 2018 - may I wish everybody the very best of times in 2019.


I know some may feel this to be a bit early - but am so busy in the lead up to Christmas that I hope you don't mind .. 

Merry Christmas


You may remember (or not - as the case maybe !!) that myself and one of my students took part in Solent Symphony Orchestra's performance at St. Thomas's Anglican Cathedral in early October of Saint-Saëns' - Symphony No. 3 (Organ Symphony) with David Price: organ.
I see that this performance by the Orchestra has been nominated by the Portsmouth News 'Guide' in the 'Best Classical' category of their annual end-of-year awards!
Voting is open soon - keep an eye on it.
Yup - once again I've been involved in some of the more notable events in the area. :) . It's truly rewarding. :)

(There's also a 'Readers Choice' option - but I'm not saying anymore !! :) )

And 'Sssssshhhhhhh' - keep it to yourself - but I have been approached about the possibility of a special 'reprise' concert of the Saint-Saëns sometime next Year ! Watch this space ! Sssshhhhh !



Review of my 25th November Sunday afternoon concert with Alex Poulton and Hetty Christopher - to be published (fingers crossed !) in the Sidmouth Herald :-

Another ’treasure’ of a concert at Sidholme.

 It was with considerable pleasure that I attended a concert at Sidholme Music Room on Sunday 25th November. ‘A treasury of song and solo piano’ was presented by Alec Poulton – baritone and Valentina Seferinvoa – piano by invitation of the Friends of Sidholme.

A capacity audience enjoyed a most imaginatively constructed programme reflecting compositions conceived in or around the First World War. Singing with absolutely assuredness and beautiful tone, Alec was exquisitely accompanied by Valentina. This was truly an exceptional concert delivered to a high professional standard which enthralled the audience throughout. The young trumpeter Hetty Christopher also contributed brilliantly to the programme playing with mature, well-rounded tone.

There were numerous highlights including rarely heard short songs by Fararr and Somervell, as well as more familiar ones by Vaughan Williams (‘Linden Lea’) and George Butterworth (‘The lads in their hundreds’ and ‘Is my team ploughing?’). These were interspersed with some beautifully delivered Tchaikovsky songs as well as ‘Troika’ from the composer’s suite ‘The Seasons’ for solo piano which was particularly enchanting. The inclusion of some delightful French thematic material brought a wonderful contrast to the programme which the artists presented effortlessly with great character and fine articulation. Valentina’s presentation of Debussy’s ‘Claire de Lune’ was magically delivered with eloquent phraseology and well-chosen dynamics.

There was silent reflection after the Butterworth with the addition of some perfect off-stage solo trumpet calls before the concert continued with two lighter Novello renditions. The prolonged and enthusiastic applause by the audience brought this concert to a fitting conclusion.

Roger Hendy.


November 2018


It's a HUGE congratulations to two of my more junior (in age!) students !!

One achieved a Merit in his recent ABRSM exam; whilst the other achieved a Distinction.

A very well done to both.


Just announced - Coming Soon !

My 12th CD !

World Premiere Recording.

Ludomir Różycki - Piano Works 2

Rozyski 2
  1. Pieces op. 50
  2. Fantasia op. 11
  3. Preludes & Nokturnes op. 3
  4. Laguna op. 36
  5. Polish dances op.37
  6. Pieces op. 39
  7. Preludes op 2
  8. Contes d'une horloge op. 26

booklet: Karol Rzepecki (Polish, English)


It's now confirmed !

It is now confirmed I will be playing Ravel's 'Piano Concerto in G major'

as Guest Soloist with the Solent Symphony Orchestra

on Saturday 28th September 2019

at St. Thomas's Anglican Cathedral, Old Portsmouth.

(Note: This is a changed/amended date from previous information.)

and is in addition to a performance of same with the Brunel Sinfonia in Bristol on 6th July 2019.


Very much looking forward to my next public engagement -

Sunday 25th., 2018 - afternoon concert in Sidmouth, Devon.

An interesting joint Rememberance themed recital with Baritone Alex Poulton.

See my 'Engagements' page.


October 2018

Saturday 6th October - St'Thomas' Anglican Cathedral, High St., Old Portsmouth, Portsmouth PO1 2HA

Solent Symphony Orchestra

Sibelius - Finlandia

Brahms - Violin Concerto (Soloist: Catherine Lawlor)

Saint-Saëns - Symphony 3 (Organ Symphony) (David Price: organ)

I, together with one of my students George, will be taking the 4 hand piano part in the Saint-Saëns classic !
Yes it's that one - "That'll do pig; that'll do".
Here's a snippet of the finale of the 4th movement :- https://youtu.be/EWZFkib99uo

Be there !!

Tickets: £10, £5 (students), Kids for a Quid On the door, online from Ticketsource or from 01730 601074


September 2018

Spent the morning (Tuesday - 4th) in a Staff Meeting at Churcher's College in preparation for new academic year.
Can now reveal how my students did across the board !!
Havant & South Downs College - 'A' levels - all 'A's and 'B's !!
Churcher's GCSEs - all '9's - under the new marking criteria (A**) !!


And it's a HUGE congratulations to one of my former students - who's gone on to achieve his Masters degree in performance.
Fantastically well done Jeremy !

All the best for your future !


With my new recording contract as my main focus for the coming months; and with 3 solo orchestral engagements in the next 12 months ; on top of any other late engagements I've had to take a close look and review of my other commitments - including reviewing and pruning my private teaching practice somewhat to free up time for my own practice/rehearsal time. Some tough decisions have had to be made! But the outcome seems all well !
With a relaxing and celebratory drink in hand I'm reminded of Bacchus - the Roman God of the vine, grape harvest, wine-making, and, of course, wine itself !!!
Here's Debussy's "Triomphe de Bacchus" - a very early circa 1998 recording of a younger me in a 4 hands performance at Debussy's own prestigious house and former bedroom (now an auditorium) on the outskirts of Paris - with my dearly missed friend, colleague, and mentor the late Prof. Emilia Mihaylova. Raise a glass with me - and enjoy !! 😀


August 2018

Arrived back in UK from hols on Monday the 20th.!
It's still 10 days/2 weeks before I get fully back into the swing of things at the beginning of September ; but I did spend some time whilst away working on new pieces by Corentin Boissier which, now the contract is formalised and agreed, will be my focus of attention for the next 6 or 7 months.
They are Concertante pieces and scheduled to be recorded in the Ukraine next February/March under the baton of American Grammy Award winning conductor John McLaughlin Williams.
There are to be follow-on dates, as yet to be agreed, for the recording in Paris of a solo piece by the same composer to complete the projected CD.
My husband has just updated my website 'Repertoire' lists.


A huge Congratulations to one of my students - Cleo, for achieving 92% and Distinction in her Grade 5 Music Theory exam !!  Outstanding !! 


July 2018

I will be taking the Harpsichord part with The Solent Symphony Orchestra


This is a repeat of the program performed on Sunday 7th June at the Royal Marines Museum, Southsea - of which a reviewer commented :- "This was a summer concert not to be missed ........"

Handel - Concerto Grosso in Bb for Strings and Oboes

Danzi - Sinfonia Concertante for Flute and Clarinet

(Helen Walton: flute and Robert Blanken: clarinet)

Mozart - Symphony 29

See Solent Symphony Orchesta website for full details and ticket information.

There will be retiring Collection in aid of The Rosemary Foundation :

The Rosemary Foundation is a Charity providing a ‘Hospice at Home’ service in Petersfield and the surrounding towns and villages. It is intended to help patients in the latter stage of life threatening conditions.

Solent Symphony Orchestra 14 July 2018
Freek Street
Freek Street info
June 2018

I'm pleased to announce that I've agreed to take part in 2 forthcoming performances of the Solent Symphony Orchestra.

Sunday 17th June at the Royal Marines Museum at Southsea; and a repeat of the complete program on Saturday 14th July at St. Peter's, Petersfield.

See my Engagements page for fuller details.


I am in Warsaw, Poland until the 6th June; in the recording studios of leading Polish Recording Company Acte Préalable.
The project is to record a second full CD of pieces by the rediscovered Polish composer Lubomir Róźycki as a follow up of the previously successful "Lubomir Róźycki - Piano Works 1"

For more information on Lubomir Róźycki - go Wikipedia.


May 2018

Very excited to be invited by Petersfield Town Council to perform for the re-opening of the Petersfield Town Visitor Centre tomorrow (23rd June). 
Even better, looking forward to performing on a superb Steinway my Lubomir Róźycki programme (which I'm recording at the beginning June in Recording Studios of the Polish national Radio in Warsaw)!
It has been 70 to almost 100 years since these music pieces were last performed!!
Can't wait !

I'm pleased to announce a (very!) short notice Sunday afternoon Concert in Petersfield - where I've been asked to join colleague Mikhail Lezdkhan ('Cello) and other friends.

Evening Recital with Mikhail Lezdkan and friends


Myself (Piano)

Mikhail Lezdkan ('Cello)

Oliver Nelson (Violin)

Rob Blanken (Clarinet)

Angela Zanders (Piano)

Alexia Mankovskaya (Soprano)


1st half:-
Rachmaninov's 'Trio élégiaque No. 1 in G-minor' (myself on piano; and Violin, and Cello.

Glazunov's 'Chant du Ménestrel, Op.7' (myself on piano; and 'Cello)

From Scriabin's 'Preludes Opus 17' Nos 3 & 6 (myself solo)

The 2nd half will feature Olivier Messiaen's wartime masterpiece: Quartet for the End of Time (1944) - with spoken words by Piers Burton-Page (Retired Radio 3 Presenter)

Admission - Free with a Retiring Collection.

Refreshments available.

For further information and tickets -

contact St. Peter's Church

Mystical Visions
April 2018

I'm more than happy to lend my support to this entrepreneurial fundraising event on behalf of one of my junior students.

A range of music by Mendelssohn, Chopin, and others.

Sunday afternoon 29th April

at the Garden Gallery - Farnham Museum

38 West Street GU 9 7DX

Admission Free : Retiring Collection.

A date for your diary.


Why not take afternoon tea accompanied by some music !

RSVP to elisejones99@hotmail.com


Jasper Jones

Although I'm not taking part - I can thoroughly recommend this for next Sunday afternoon, 8th April, in Petersfield.

3s Company


March 2018
Some quotes from Amazon purchasers of my Raff CD (studio recorded 2002);(not me who is/was selling them !! But are available from myself at a lesser price : contact me if interested)
"Sadly, there's not a word about the very fine pianist in the CD booklet. Valentina Seferinova is playing all this difficult piano music."
"On this disc we hear Bulgarian pianist Valentina Seferinova playing two sonatas together with the Three Morceaux, Opus 2. ....... Performance of these works is confidently undertaken by our soloist in recordings apparently dating from 2002 and go far to underline the importance of Raff's contribution ....."
"Charming pieces all beautifully played by Valentina Seferinova with excellent piano sound. Highly recommended."
"Valentina Seferinova is unknown to me but on this CD she is a consummate artiste of considerable talent."
Raff Cd - Valentina Seferinova

Yay - London (Luton) -> Warsaw (Chopin) 1st June and Hotel Metropole ; and return on 6th June : all booked for myself and Mike. 😀
Heading to recording studios of Acte Préalable ; again !!! To record my 12th CD !!


Yet another student of mine achieves their full ABRSM Diploma !! : (loosing count !!)
But huge congratulations to Alex on achieving this first level of professional qualification ; enables him to legally describe himself in his passport as 'Musician', and have the letters 'Dip.ABRSM' after his name !!

More details to follow.


Quite a lot of work associated with the Portsmouth Music Festival in accompaniements, and students taking part.

I will also be involved with their Gala Concert at 3:00pm at Park Community School, Middle Park Way, Havant PO9 4BU on Sunday 25th March.


Continuing my rehearsals for 'Róźycki 2' CD !


February 2018

For the most part of this Winter I'll be keeping my performance diary clear as I use my spare time to prepare for another visit, this comingSpring, to the recording studios of Acte Préalable in Warsaw.

The project is to record a second CD of works by Polish composer Ludomir Róźycki

Click for more information on Ludomir Róźycki courtesy of Wikipedia

This will be my 12th CD !!

But please check back from time to time in case I'm undertaking a short notice event.


January 2018


Singers who can act ; and

all Actors who can sing.

To be involved with an amateur non-profit local community Musical Theatre/Operatic Project I’ve associated myself with.

At the moment any profits made to be for the benefit of ‘MIND’.

Auditions late March/early April.

For 4 or 5 days performance (including rehearsals) at Hayling Island Dramatic Society (HIADS) early July of a new work written by Alex Poulton (Baritone).

Contact Alex Poulton – email alex_poulton@icloud.com

Or visit Original Operatic Productions for Theatre

Spread the word !!!

Freek Street

4 new short videos up loaded to YouTube.

From the archives of Bulgarian Cable TV channel - videos of a concert on 29th October 2009 in The Recital Hall of my Academy held as a memorial to my Professor Dr. Lubomir Dinolov for his 75 years.

Each one is a 4 hands transposition of Mozart's works by Prof. Dr. Lubomit Dinolov !

Each features the late Prof. Emilia Mihaylova & myself.

Here they are.

Duettino (Don Giovanni, Zerlina) - from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni"

Aria (Don Ottavio) - from Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni' 

Ariette (Cherubino) - from Mozart's opera "Marriage of Figaro"

Aria (Figaro) - from Mozart's opera "The Marriage of Figaro"


For the most part of this Winter I'll be keeping my performance diary clear as I use my spare time to prepare for another visit, next Spring, to the recording studios of Acte Préalable in Warsaw.

The project will be to record a second CD of works by Polish composer Ludomir Róźycki

Click for more information on Ludomir Róźycki courtesy of Wikipedia


But please check back from time to time in case I'm undertaking a short notice event.


December 2017

'The Guide' magazine of the Portsmouth 'News' has announced their 2017 award nominations for a variety of local entertainment categories.
In the 'Best Classical' section I have been nominated (entry no. 9) jointly with Petersfield Orchestra for their last June's 90th Anniversary concert.
I was also involved as pianist for entry no. 3 - the Solent Symphony's 25th Anniversary concert in October.
Entry no 10 is 'Readers Choice' where you can nominate and vote for your own choice. (which you might, or might not, find more appropriate !! :) )
You can vote at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f51Vm-zcP-AY2j72MBC1zavRRGtULX0zLftvu6TGt5s/edit.
Voting ends December 30th


Merry Christmas


November 2017

For the most part of this Autumn and Winter I'll be keeping my performance diary clear as I use my spare time to prepare for another visit next Spring to the recording studios of Acte Préalable in Warsaw.

The project will be to record a second CD of works by Polish composer Ludomir Róźycki

Click for more information on Ludomir Róźycki courtesy of Wikipedia


But please check back from time to time in case I'm undertaking a short notice event.


October 2017

Review of Solent Symphony Orchestra's 25th Anniversary concert -

in the Portsmouth News.



Announcing my first engagement of the new 2017-2018 Season.

Saturday 21st October - 7:30pm St. Thomas' Anglican Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2HH

Solent Symphony Orchestra's 25th Anniversary Concert



Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man 

Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals

Narrated by Dame Patricia Routledge

(aka 'Hyacinth Bucket' of TV fame)

The piece features 2 pianos ; tonight's pianists are

Valentina Seferinova and Peter Rhodes

Vaughan-Williams - Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis

Dvorak - Symphony 8


The concert is also aimed at raising funds for the Aldingbourne Trust, a
Charity based in Sussex which supports people with learning disabilities to reach their potential.

To find out more about The Aldingbourne Trust or donate, log on to their website at www.aldingbournetrust.co.uk

Solent Symphony Orchestra
September 2017

September beckons a return to teaching and a new performance season!
Whilst on hols back in Bulgaria came across this from 1998 in the archives of Bulgarian National Television - myself and the late and greatly missed Prof. Emilia Mihaylova performing pieces of Claude Debussy's 4 hand works "Integrale".

See what you might recognise (apart from a relatively new wedding ring !!!  ).

Unfortunately the Directors instructions seems to be on the sound track too at times - but I hope you enjoy.

Claude Debussy - 4 Hands


July 2017

With my performance last night, 1st July, of Rachmaninov's 'Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Opus 43' with the

Brunel Sinfonia, it brings to a close my performance season of 2016-'17.

Watch this spaqce for new announcements for next season.


June 2017

Short Notice Engagement.

Sunday 18th June

Solent Chamber Orchestra


Royal Marines Museum, Southsea, Portsmouth PO4 9PX

I will be part of the Chamber Orchestra - taking the Harpsichord part in

Bach's 'Concerto in A major for Oboe d'Amore'.

See poster to the right for other items in the programme.

Also in the programme is :-

Jon Yates, who was professor of trumpet at the Royal Marines School of Music, is playing

'The Unanswered Question' by Charles Ives

Solent Symphony Orchestra - Valentina Seferinova

Apparently Petersfield Orchestra 15th June is 'Sold Out'!

Only chance would be 'Returns' : try telephone 01730 268829.

Alternatively - if you're near Bristol, or have family/friends, or willing to travel see below for 1st July in Clifton, Bristol with the Brunel Sinfonia.


Tickets now on sale !

Brunel Sinfonia - 1st July 2017


Camille Saint-Saëns - Symphony No.3 (Organ)

Claude Debussy - Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune

Sergei Rachmaninov - Rhapsody On A Theme by Paganini Op. 43 (Soloist : Valentina Seferinova)



Brunel Sinfonia - Valentina Seferinova


May 2012

Petersfield Orchestra - 15th June

Ticket prices announced:

3 rows at the front on the flat - £16.

Raked seating - £18

Under 18s - £1

Reservations/Sales Peterfield Tourist Information Office Tel. 01730 268829


Friday 5th May

Afternoon : 1-2-1 rehearsal with conductor Nick Bromilow of Rach's Rhapsody/Paganini Variations

followed in the evening by first rehearsal with full orchestra.

Spontaneous applause from all involved at the break and at the end of the session !

Bodes well !


April 2017

Short Notice Announcement !

Interesting Concert : Sunday 23rd April - St. Mary's Church, Buriton, Nr Petersfield

Part 1 Romantiscism - Schumann Fantasy Pieces & Songs

Part 2 Impressionism - Debussy and Shoshtakovitch

Part 3 Modern - Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time

Fee Entrance : Retiring Collection

See my 'Engagements' page.


" ...It was 20 years ago today ... "

- well not quite Sgt. Pepper !!!

- but Hall Number 9 of NDK National Palace of Culture, Sofia

Valentina Seferinova - Валентина Ceферинова


First meeting yesterday afternoon (31st March) with conductor Nicholas Bromilow to discuss all 24 variations in Rachmaninov's 'Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini'.
And - "Yes" - Number 18 was discussed !!


March 2017

Attended a photo shoot a few days ago -

for promo of my next public engagement in May with Peter Rhodes :

got the 'proofs' back :

have chosen this one.

Peter Rhodes

1st March 1810 :

The great Polish composer Frédéric Chopin was born this day -

here is one of his most famous pieces - Fantaisie in F minor Op. 49

I hope you enjoy.


February 2017

Just received a short notice contract to be Accompanist for

Holybourne Singers for their Saturday evening 18th March event

in Alton.

Get in touch at :-


See my 'Engagements' page


Some few years ago one of my senior students gave me an original chalk drawing/sketch of a copy of a widely known picture of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957).

At last I've got around to having it mounted and framed : here it is in my Music Room at home.

Jean Sibelius

6th Febuary :-

Just received this email from a Dr. Professor of Music at Kansas State University, KS 66506, USA concerning an earlier 2011 CD of mine : I quote :-
"Dear Ms. Seferinova,
Your Rozycki CD is absolutely superb!
You are a wonderfully gifted pianist.
Thank you!
best wishes,
(name left blank here to protect his privacy)"

Ignore the financial aspects - it's unsolicited comments like this that make it all worthwhile !



All but finalised our 2 piano programme (one more Vladigeuroff piece to be agreed) with colleague Peter Rhodes for Saturday 27th May performance.
It will include Pesen (Song/Chant) (from 'Bulgarian Suite') Opus 21 No. 2 for 2 pianos by Bulgarian Composer - Pantcho Vladigueroff -

see for an earlier performance of this piece - https://youtu.be/M-yoKHir3hw


January 2017

As routine begins to return to normal in this New Year I’ve already begun to work up Sergei Rachmaninov’s “ Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini” : Opus 43 to be precise; there’s to be 3 performances of this most famous of pieces later on in Spring and early Summer.
It consists of 24 variations played consecutively as a piano concerto; with full orchestra.
From the immediately recognisable iconic opening bars of variation number one, others, too, are familiar to many without even realising where the music comes from.
The most famous of all is variation number 18 – widely regarded as one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.  It was also used in the 1980 film “Somewhere in Time” (with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour).
try this - let it (variation 18) develop (with glass of wine in hand !) - if this doesn't touch you then you're not likely to be breathing !- https://youtu.be/h4N1mxN5JbU - in this clip it segues into a John Barry guitar based theme. You might say a variation on a variation !!
Tip : Listen/Focus on the music; the video is of secondary importance.
But – WARNING ! WARNING ! WARNING ! – tickets will only be sold to those who can handle this level of emotional intensity !
Girls – drag your fella along ; Fellas treat your lady to a romantic Night Out with a difference.
Also to those who thought, or continue to think the ‘Romantic Era’ began with Adam & the Ants and Boy George – think again : It actually and officially covers the period from the mid-1850s until the present day !! - Rachmaninov himself was born 1873 and died 1942. His Rhapsody dates from as late as 1934.


Just received information on this Polish Newspaper/Journal 'Nasz Dziennik' review of my latest CD. (see October 2016 below)

Henryk Pachulski

See translation on the right.




Another (English language) review is available at :



Translation :-

"Epic Pachulski"

"Henry Pachulski is another eminent Polish composer and pianist rescued from oblivion. He was in his time an accomplished musician, mixing amongst the greatest creators and artists.

He was born in 1859 in Lazach, Siedlec.As a teenager, he began studying at the Warsaw Institute of Music, where his piano teacher was Rudolph Strobl, and the secrets of harmony and counterpoint were studied with Stanislas Moniuszko and Wladystawa Żeleński. After graduating from the Institute in 1876 he started his concert and teaching career. In 1880, he entered the Moscow Conservatory, where he studied with the excellent pianist, and founder of the university - Nicholas Rubinstein. After the death of his teacher Pachulski had a year of year of interrupted studies, but in 1881 continued them with Paul Pabst.

Pachulski's music is characterised by epic style and lyricism, melodiousness, verses, slush, rarely - drama, as well as the returning elements of dance and specific playfulness. On the disc are four hands Suite Op. 13, Meditation Op. 25, the development of the String Quartet op.11 Arensky; Fantasy for Two Pianos Op. 17 and Polonaise Op.5.

Valentina Seferinova and Venera Bojkova are from Bulgaria and finished at the Music Academy in Sofia. They both live seperately in the UK, playing solo and performing duets. They play, record, and promote Polish music. The name 'Va i Ve' comes from the first syllables of their names. Their performances combine class and precision of great artistes.

Their record is a masterly realisation. The combination of excellence and quality, which can reach the most prominent artists. The duo are perfectly timed and in understand each other perfectly. Their distinct sound is both expressive and clear, filled with energy. They are no strangers to lyrical and melodious phrases.

The record is perfect for a long winter evening.

I recommend. Enjoy!"

See Page 22 of the .pdf below

Nasz Dziennik

December 2016


Thanking everybody for their support, and .....

Merry Christmas - Valentina xx

I look forward to seeing you all again in 2017 !


I'm pleased to announce, that in addition to performing Rachmaninov's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini"

(which includes, by common agreement, one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written) -

firstly with a two piano version with my colleague Peter Rhodes in May at the historic Winchester College Music Department Concert Hall,

and then as Guest Soloist with The Petersfield Orchestra for their 90th Anniversary Concert on 15th June 2017,

I've now also been invited to play the same as Guest Soloist with the Brunel Sinfonia, Bristol at Clifton Cathedral on 1st July 2017.

Am I looking forward to these events ?? Well, to give a clue :-

my Thesis for my Master's Degree is/was entitled Nature of intonation and texture of the piano works of S V  Rachmaninov’ !!!

Enough said ?


November 2016

Just come across an on-line review of my recent Bristol Music Club appearance !

Not sure whether I can add to, or comment on, it !

Click here - Ian Digby


October 2016


Yay ! My latest CD is now available world wide !

Recorded earlier this year in Warsaw.




My fourth one for this company !

And 11th overall !

Henryk Pachulsk

Rehearsing and looking forward to two November performances of Dubussy, and Satie in Bristol and Portsmouth !


September 2016


August 2016

Well done to ALL South Downs College music students in their AS & A Level results this year!
In AS Level performance we've got 8 A, 1 B & 2 C
In A Level performance module - 7 A (with 2 top marks!) & 6 B.
So proud of everyone!
Congratulations to everyone.
Good luck for the future to all 2nd year students & please keep in touch


Tchaikovsky at home

St Mary’s Church, Buriton. Sunday, 25th September, 2016, from 3pm.

Admission free.

A programme of words and smallerscale musical pieces by the great Russian composer including solo piano works and songs, duos and trios, interspersed with extracts from letters, newspapers and diaries

Alex Poulton - Baritone

Sara Deborah Struntz - Violin

Mikhail Lezdkan - Cello

Valentina Seferinova - Piano


Piers Burton-Page - Reader

See 'Engagements' Page.



You may remember the viral Ice Bucket Challenge of a couple of years ago in aid of ALS/Motor Neurone Disease research.
It seems all the money raised by it has led to a breakthrough.
It has been discovered that its the NEK1 gene, which contributes to the kind of MND which is passed on in families.
Just for fun - and my embarrassment, here is the video of my original Ice Bucket Challenge - no thanks to my husband for reminding everybody of it !!

Valentina's Ice Bucket Challenge


July 2016

I feel honoured and privileged to be invited back again as Guest Soloist for Petersfield Orchestra's significant 90th Birthday Concert next June.

Petersfield Orchestra 90th anniversary

Petersfield Orchestra Rachmaninov


Congratulations to Bradley Betteridge.

Achieving his Grade 3 ABRSM as his first Grade exam !

Well done Bradley.


June 2016

For some years I've had the privilege of being a Steinway & Sons™ (based in New York) listed Music & Piano Teacher; Steinway have also provided performance sponsorship.for me here in the UK in the past.
They have recently undertaken quite an overhaul of their Teacher Directory for those lucky enough to be included.
Here's how my entry now looks ! I'm impressed. 

Click : - http://www3.steinway.com/teachers/directory/valya


Coming Soon !

The recording I did in Warsaw with my piano duet partner Venera Bojkova, as the Piano Duo 'Va i Ve', back in April, is coming out soon!
Just received the first set of edits together with the link to the listing of the CD on the record label's website. 
So excited!
It's my 4th CD with and for 'Acte Prealable' - and my 10th overall.

Henryk Pachulski Piano Works 2



May 2016

That Rhapsody is feeling closer to happening !!

Can you guess ? Here's a clue !



April 2016

Breaking News :-
Although some 14 months away I feel a Rhapsody coming on ...... ???


All done! :) Today saw us finish the 4 hand pieces.
So a total of 80 minutes of music recorded in about 9 hours of studio time! This is unusually quick.
Jan, the Acte Préalable recording company boss, impressed (and pleased !); but greatly helped today by a knowledgeable recording engineer - so a bottle of wine from us to him for his efforts.
So a high speed TGV train to historic Krakow tomorrow for a few days.


Have flown out to Warsaw; will spend 2 or 3 days there - mostly in a recording studio with my 'Va i Ve' piano duet partner Venera Bojkova.
Then will take a train to Krakow and stay for a few days before returning to Warsaw and a flight return to UK.
Should be great fun !


Well, it's the final 2 days of rehearsals before traveling again to Warsaw to record in the Studios of the Polish National Radio an all 2 pianos/4 hands CD of Henry Pachulski' works, with best friend (and of course 'Va i Ve' piano duet partner) Venera Bojkova.

Can't wait!

The resultant CD will be issued on the Acte Préalable label.


March 2016

Monday 21st March :
Another big event done last night - the Gala of Portsmouth Music Festival at the Kings Theatre.
It was wonderful to be involved, to be part of the community, helping the youngsters finding their path in the art of performing on the big stage.
Tomorrow - 12 A2 recitals, followed by another 8 AS recitals at South Downs College on Wednesday.
Looking forward to Thursday when I can immerse in my final preparation for the recordings in Warsaw next month.


I will be accompanying singers Caroline and Felicity; violinist Jia,

and also Sophie on woodwind - all winners of their respective categories of the Portsmouth Music Festival

at the Portsmouth Music Festival Gala Concert

from 7:00pm on Sunday 20th March at The Kings Theatre Southsea.


February 2016

Well done Fliss ; Congratulations on taking 2 of the 3 Cups on offer today "


Friday 19th

Just noticed from this year's The Portsmouth Music Festival programme and website, that for the second year running my name has been included as one of the 'approved accompanists' for all participants ! My first one is this afternoon and evening.

Best of luck Fliss.


Spending the third week of February rehearsing with my 'Va i Ve' duet partner Venera Bojkova,

in preparation for our studio recording session for Acte Prealable in Warsaw in early April. 


Extract from an email comment (in Russian, and signature removed to protect privacy)) forwarded to me this evening concerning last Saturday night's concert :-

"Дорогие мои русские друзья!
Боже мой! Какой прекрасный вечер! Те артисты были просто чудными. Как я любил, как они играли. Я был в восторге. И вечеринка потом - просто рай на земле. ..............

A 'Google Translate' translation follows :-

"My dear Russian friends!
Oh my God! What a wonderful evening! Those artists were simply marvelous. How I loved the way they played. I was delighted. And then the party - a paradise on earth. ................


For those attending my concert with 'Cellist Mikhail Lezdkan on Saturday 6th February at Winchester College Music School;

please note that the Music School is in a different location to the College itself.

See Google Maps

Although there is a free car park (entance around the corner in Romans' Road) I believe there is ample on-road parking near by.

The organisers have also asked me to point out that the event starts at the earlier time of 7:00pm.; and that early arrival is needed because any one arriving late will not get in through the secure door - as evrybody will be in the auditorium !


January 2016

Just completed a joint engagement with 'Cellist Mikhail Lezdkan in Chichester Cathedral.

Stewards report "500+ audience" in the Cathedral.


Out to dinner last night with hubby; this guy comes over and says "Hi. I've downloaded 1 of your CDs from ITunes ".
Then shows me all of the tracks from my Raff CD downloaded on to his 'phone.
It's an amazingly small world !


I can announce that the programme for myself, together with Cellist

Mikhail Lezdkan

More information about Mikhail at http://concertsociety.com/lezdkan/

And follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mikhaillezdkan

at Chichester Cathedral at 1:10pm on Tuesday 26th January is:-


Johannes Brahms - Sonata for Piano and Cello F major, opus 99:
1. Allegro vivace. 2. Adagio affettuoso 3. Allegro passionato 4. Allegro molto

Dmitri Shostakovich - Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor, opus 40:
1. Allegro non troppo. 2. Allegro.

Admission is Free, with a retiring collection.